The One Who Feels Like a Mermaid In The Water
wood, water, mist makers and scented oils «Sirène pressée» ,The perfume «Sirène pressée» has been created by the perfumer, Laurence Fanuel.

_MG_1958 _MG_1960

It is here an opportunity to knead the flesh of the featureless image of myths in which the over-sexual and over-appealing bodies are shown without counterbalance.
The scents are here to attract us but also to disrupt us by constricting our throats. We cannot escape to realize and to admit the hidden side of the representation : i.e, its animality and even its bestiality.
Il est ici question de réincarner l’image lisse des mythes où la puissance sexuelle des corps et leur incroyable attirance sont exa- cerbés sans contreparties.
L’odeur, ici, nous attire au loin mais aussi nous prend à la gorge : impossible d’échapper à la moitié cachée de l’image, c’est à dire à son animalité, voire sa bestialité.