Junichi Umezu
Sakurako Imai
Shiori Kaida
Elsa Marc
Clédia Fourniau

“La petite madeleine”
1500 mm x 2000 mm
Branch, acrylic, paper, metallic shutters, salt, tea, fragrances
Three sensations of smell, three visual impressions, three small mental landscapes, fixed, frozen and vertically crystallized. Layed flat and delimitated by metallic shutters, the perfume of the rain, of the first snow and of the asphalt are merging, it takes an appearance in the space and vanishes. For the senses, this is like a duel between lightness and heaviness, between the full and the empty, between the acid and the diluted.

c11     c9

It is important to note the essential role of smell in the constitution of memory and sensitivity, identity and otherness. It’s one of the best way to connect with memory and conscious mind.
It reminds us the famous French book “In Search of lost time” from the writer Marcel Proust and especially the cookie’s passage which tells that the smell and the taste are an impressive reminder of the past. The writer explains that when he was a child, his aunt was giving to him cookies that he used to dip into his cup of tea. Grown up, he realizes that to eat again the same cookie in the exactly same way is giving a new life to his childhood. Through all these pictures, the project “la petite madeleine” suggests the Kyoto’s subway people the experimentation of a dive into their own past.